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with over 20 years experience in film, video and still photography


my favorite flavor of the day is definitely Red Epic (and of course I am most happy to rent you my Epic kit along with my services) but I also have extensive experience operating most cameras produced in the past 25 years from Super-8 to DSLRs and most everything in between.


custom tailored solutions for your production’s specific needs. We have developed a cost effective

and easy to implement workflow to optimize efficiency and keep your sanity when dealing with all those

bits and bytes. We also offer realtime editing from your original R3Ds without transcoding!


Epic -X with PL and Nikon mount, V-mount Batteries,Touchscreen, Redmote and 500 GBs of SSDs.

call for details and availability and check my TECHNIK page for more info and other rental equipment:

Slider, Crane, Remote Head, Timelapse Equipment etc.


feel free to call or mail me with you workflow questions. In the spirit of Red i’m happy to share

what i have learned through years of hard knocks on the bleeding edge

Banner-Image above by Matt Goodman:

Fjordland National Park, New Zealand 2012

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